A better muscle suit

designed with ultimate quality and fit in mind, at an affordable price


The Deluxe Muscle Suit


Our high-end muscle suit is beautifully crafted and designed to meet your needs. Made of polyester, with 12 sizes giving a perfect fit for a variety of body types. This accessory compliments many cosplay and Halloween costume options. Great under costume ascetics to get the muscular look without the work. A quicker and safer alternative to performance enhancing drugs!

MS5’6″–5’8″ (167-172 cm)36″-38″ (91-97 cm)29″-31″ (74-79 cm)
MST5’10”-6′0″ (177-182 cm)36″-38″ (91-97 cm)29″-31″ (74-79 cm)
M5’8″-5’10” (172-177 cm)38″-40″ (97-102 cm)31″-33″ (79-84 cm)
MT5’10”-6′0″ (177-182 cm)36″-38″ (91-97 cm)31″-33″ (79-84 cm)
ML5’10”-6′0″ (177-182 cm)40″-42″ (101-107 cm)33″-35″ (84-89 cm)
LS5’8″-5’10” (172-177 cm)42″-44″ (107-112 cm)35″-37″ (89-94 cm)
L5’10”-6′0″ (177-182 cm)42″-44″ (107-112 cm)35″-37″ (89-94 cm)
LT6’3″-6’5″ (191-196 cm)42″-44″ (107-112 cm)35″-37″ (89-94 cm)
XL5’11”-6’1″ (180-185 cm)44″-46″ (112-117 cm)37″-39″ (94-99 cm)
XLT6’1″-6’3″ (185-191 cm)44″-46″ (112-117 cm)37″-39″ (94-99 cm)
XXL6′-6’2″ (182-189 cm)46″-48″ (117-122 cm)39″-40″ (99-102 cm)
XXLT6’3″-6’5″ (191-195 cm)46″-48″ (117-122 cm)39″-40″ (99-102 cm)
  • Includes: A high end padded muscle suit.
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Sizes: MS, MST, Medium, MT, ML, Large, LT, X-Large, XLT, 2XL, 2XLT
  • Color: Cream

Muscle Suit Features

Discover what the all-new muscle suit has to offer

muscle suit back zipper

Zip-up from the back

High quality 100% polyester material

Built-in six pack for maximum gains

Customer Reviews

Countless ways to utilize the muscle suit!
captain america muscle suit
“Great padding for cosplay” – Brandon
batman muscle suit
“Absolutely satisfied with the purchase” – Joseph
“I bought this for my son to use for his high school mascot’s new look. And let me tell you..he looks great!” – B

MuscleSuit.com is home of the deluxe, high-quality, yet affordable cosplay or Halloween costume accessory. Need to bulk up in no time? The deluxe muscle suit is perfect for a DIY Incredible Hulk, Marvel, DC, or any other superhero costume. The possibilities are endless. You could even use it to become a WWE wrestler.

Dress to impress this coming Halloween or for an upcoming convention as a finishing touch to your cosplay. Add on your favorite shirt, with pants or shorts to wear over the muscle suit itself. Our muscle suits made of the highest quality of materials and are comfortable and easy to wear. We have over 10 different sizes to choose from, perfect for every body type.